Using OBJ with 3DS Max

The Plug-ins


  • Select EXACTLY the following options:

  • Next, you may have to add a 'Smooth' modifier to tell Max to smooth-shade instead of flat-shade the polygonal surface.


  • Select EXACTLY the following options:

  • Max will sometimes mix up quad UV co-ordinates on export, possibly due to the use of 'quad patches'. When a corrupt object like this occurs in a max scene it can often be fixed by attaching it to another piece of geometry, such as a sphere, and then detaching it again. This appears to overwrite the corruption and solve the export problem. If not, change the 'Faces:' option to 'Triangles' from 'Quads' and the problem should be resolved (note that quads will triangulated in this case), or simply triangulate the problem quads in Max.

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