FaceGen Customizer
Integrate your own mesh and UV layout into FaceGen.


You've made some faces using FaceGen Modeller, and now you need to get them into the game you're developing.


However you don't think any of the included FaceGen meshes (or the available add-on meshes) are appropriate for your needs:



So you create your own (or modify one or ours) with the polygonal density, structure and UV layout you want. You also create some accessory models - a helmet model, say:

Run your new models through the Customizer, and you get a new set of data files that plug into FaceGen Modeller. Now you can load your own mesh into Modeller and apply all your existing faces (stored as FG files) to it. You have all the same face shaping and coloring controls at your command. Your hairstyle and helmet models fit seamlessly with any face.


You can also integrate your torso or body model to generate a seamlessly matching skin color for it.

Export your models to your desired format (3DS, LWO, MA, OBJ, VRML97, VRML1 or XSI) and bring them into your authoring pipeline.

The mesh topology, vertex ordering and texture layout of your exports are always identical to the currently targetted mesh so you can apply your animations to any face. The neck seam remains fixed for seamless stitching to your characters.

Unlike the face shape and colouring controls, the animation morphs supplied with the FaceGen Modeller default models are specific to those meshes. If you want to make use of these on a mesh with a different topology you must copy them over to your topology.



This product is included as part of the FaceGen Modeller Enterprise