Adding Morphs to FaceGen

Example commands are shown for Windows but can also be used on OS X or Ubuntu. Commands shown can be accessed from 'fgbl', 'fgrt', or 'fg3' executables.

Export your base mesh and morph targets (aka blendshapes, endomorphs) to OBJ files, for example:


Convert the base head to TRI format which will contain the morphs:

> fgrt meshops convert head.obj head.tri

There are two kinds of morphs in FaceGen; delta morphs and target morphs. Delta morphs are vertex deltas which are applied equally to any face you create in FaceGen. This works since the face shape statistics are size neutral. Most morphs are represented in FaceGen as delta morphs. Statistical morphs represent the target shape using absolute position, and thus their positions must also be transformed by the shape statistics. This is necessary when the target shape must be at a particular location; eye blinks (and movements if done by morphs), and the 'th' phoneme where the tongue must touch the teeth.

Add the delta morph:

> fgrt morph create head.tri head_smile.obj d Smile

Add the target morph:

> fgrt morph create head.tri head_blink.obj t Blink

List the morphs:

> fgrt morph list head.tri