FaceGen Create → Photo

Taking your photo(s)

Large source photos will result in high resolution albedo map images but also slow updates with the various face controls. The maximum albedo map size that can result is 2048x2048 for 32-bit versions and 4096x4096 for 64-bit versions.

Placing the points

For best results, try to place points as follows:

face photo eye landmarks

Eye centres on the pupils.

face photo cheekbone landmarks

Outer edges of the cheekbones.

face photo nose flap landmarks

Outer edges of the nose flaps.

face photo mouth corner landmarks

Mouth corners.

face photo jaw corner landmarks

Outer edges of jaw corners. For a face looking straight ahead this is usually roughly level with the mouth points.

face photo chin bottom landmark

Bottom edge of chin.


If you have added profile photos you have 2 additional options.

The first option allows you to ignore the profile photos themselves and only use the points you have selected on them. This is useful if the lighting of your profile photos differs from the frontal photo, as FaceGen is not designed to match the same face to two different lightings.

If you haven't selected the first option, then the second option allows you to further make use of the profile photo for extracting texture details (skin texture, hairs, etc.) from the profile photos.

Face Partially Obscured

If you have a photo in which the face is partially obscured, for instance by glasses or hair, you can do the following: