Model Set Directory

FaceGen Modeller built-in model sets are stored in a location following this pattern:

C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\FaceGen\Modeller Paid\data\csam\

The FaceGen 3D Print built-in model set is stored in this location pattern:

C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\FaceGen\3DPrint[ Home | Pro]\data\csam\3DPrint\

The SDK model set directory is:


And your custom model sets (Modeller & 3D Print paid versions only) here:

My Documents\FaceGen\Model Sets\

To modify a built-in model set, make a copy of it in your custom model sets directory.

Within a model set directory there is a directory for each type of part. For example, our 'Animate' model set contains the following directories:


Within each part directory are one or more parts, represented by statistical appearance models (SAMs). Each SAM consists of at least the following files:

sam.tri The mesh
sam.txt The label for this part (Modeller and 3D Print only)

For those parts that change shape along with the face (basically everything except the body) there is also:

sam.egm The shape statistics

For those parts that have a base color texture image:

sam.png (can be any common image format)

For those parts that contain skin color (esp. the head):

sam.egt The color statistics

And for those parts that have several options for color, composited over a base color map if present, one or more files of the form:

sam_Color.png (can be any common image format)

Also within each part directory you can have one of two optional files (Modeller and 3D Print only):

_inclusive.flag Allows user to pick more than one of the parts in this directory.
_default.xml If there is no '_inclusive.flag', this file indicates which part is loaded by default.