FaceGen 3D Print Manual


Create Tab

Create → Photo

Parts Tab

Custom Parts

To create a custom part, first create the base head: ModifyShapeSymmetricSet All To Zero, and the same for Asymmetric. Export (FileExport) and use this as a guide for your custom part.

To integrate your custom part back into FaceGen you can either:

1. If you're willing to share your part with other users, email it to support@facegen.com and we'll integrate it for you and include it in later releases.

2. Request an evaluation of the redistribution tools (or purchase FaceGen Modeller Enterprise) and follow the instructions for integration of a new model part.

Custom Color Maps (Pro only)

To customize the color texture images, first make a copy of this directory:

\Program Files\FaceGen\3D Print Pro 2\data\csam\3DPrint   (64bit)
\Program Files (x86)\FaceGen\3D Print Pro 2\data\csam\3DPrint   (32bit)

And paste it into:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\FaceGen\Model Sets\

Restart FaceGen 3D Print and the new model set will appear as a tab.

Within the 3DPrint directory, parts are grouped into sub-directories. Within each sub-directory (group), parts are identified by a .TXT file containing the name of the part. A corresponding image file (JPG, BMP, PNG or TGA) represents skin color, if applicable. Corresponding files with the name <FILE>_<COLOR> represent the various color texture options, which appear as selections labelled <COLOR> in FaceGen. You can add to, remove from, or edit these files. Be aware that FaceGen makes use of the alpha channel in these images for transparency.

File Tab

File → Export


If you are only printing the head with no hair or stand, select PartsHeadHollow. Adjust wall thickness: ExpressionHead: Wall Thickness.

If you are including a hairstyle or stand, select select PartsHeadSolid (along with the other parts), then export to OBJ format. Import into Autodesk Meshmixer (free). Rotate to the upright orientation (Edit tools Transform). Merge all meshes into a single solid (Edit tools Make Solid). Hollow out the solid (Edit tools Hollow). You can specify the wall thickness, accuracy, hole size etc.

If you are printing with color maps, try out Sculpteo's automatic hollowing function, or the Intersecting and Hollowing functions on the MakePrintable service.


There is no face in the viewport

HelpReset all settings to default

Program will not start

Program icon appears in the taskbar but is not visible on the screen

First, click on the program in the taskbar to ensure the program is not just minimized.

If you have changed your monitor(s) or GPU drivers recently, the program may be outside the screen area:

Program closes

If you see the message FaceGen ... has stopped working ... will close click here for more details.

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