FaceGen Artist Manual


Create Tab

Create → Photo

File Tab

File → Export

Parameter Group

Your shape morph will be placed within the Head region of the parameter tab and will default to the group path shown. You can change this to anything you like as long as you remember that forward slash '/' creates a sub-group and your group path should not end with a slash.

Parameter Name

Don't use any characters that aren't allowed in a filename.

Daz Studio Content Library

Daz Studio can read your new morph from any of your content directories.

If for some reason you want to use a different directory, first add it as a content directory in Daz Studio (EditPreferencesContentContent Directory ManagerDaz Studio FormatsAdd), then re-start FaceGen Artist and it will appear on the list.


There is no face in the viewport

ViewCameraReset Camera

The program appears in the taskbar but is not visible on the screen

First, click on the program in the taskbar to ensure the program is not just minimized.

If you have changed your monitor(s) or GPU drivers recently, the program may be outside the screen area:

I purchased from Daz and can't find the install file

Log into your Daz customer account and at the top, click on the cloud icon 'Product Library'. Click on 'Facegen Artist Pro' on the left. Prefer the second (64-bit) download.

I purchased from Daz and can't find my serial number

Log into your Daz customer account and at the top, click on the lock icon 'Serial Numbers'. Look for something like '37429_fgArtist110Pro'.

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