FaceGen Modeller Model Sets

The 'Animate' and 'Preview' model sets are included with the demo version. All others require 'Core' or 'Pro' versions to work.

To install downloaded sets, unzip (using the 7-zip utility) into the 'FaceGen/Model Sets/' subdirectory of your user documents directory.

Set Name Description
  • Head with contiguous eye geometry (5790 quads) and a separate mouth model (teeth, tongue, inner mouth) (74 quads, 24 tris)
  • Full set of expressions including FACS targets
  • A variety of Hairstyles



Face cutout optimized for fast updates and fluid editing. No expressions or accessories.

Image Image

  • Select the MakeHuman model set. The 'a8_v74' mesh will appear. Export to OBJ
  • Use the MakeTarget Blender plugin to create a .target file (the MakeTarget standalone program uses an older incompatible mesh)
  • Overlay the original MakeHuman mouth and teeth textures on the exported texture image, if desired.

FrameForge v3.5a Actors compatible mesh with a variety of hairstyles.

Download (45MB)

Adobe Fuse

Fuse no longer supports customization. The instructions below only work with the legacy Fuse 1.3 version.

After selecting this model set and choosing between the male and female meshes:

  • Export to OBJ
  • Start Adobe Fuse and go to 'File' -> 'Import' -> 'Import Characters'
  • Browse and select your exported OBJ file then hit 'Next'
  • In the 'Mesh Information' dialog, select 'Customize Type' 'FemaleFitA' or 'MaleFitA' to match the mesh you selected in Modeller above. Hit 'Next'.
  • In the 'Texture Files' dialog, choose from 'Use texture maps from a character in your Database' and select 'FemaleFitA' or 'MaleFitA'. Adobe Fuse does not import albedo (color) maps so we don't do that here
  • Use your character within Fuse with their auto-generated albedo maps, then when you export from fuse you can apply the albedo map you exported from FaceGen.

Download (13MB).


Head meshes with Visage compatible animation target names.

Download (30MB).


A head mesh divided into face (630 tris) and head (292 tris) halves with different texture maps, a full set of animation morphs, and a torso. Optimized for real-time modification with the FaceGen SDK. Also includes mouth (82 tris) and torso (250 tris).


Download (2MB).

Modeller 3.5

The head mesh from the older Modeller 3.5. Teeth, tongue and sock are separate meshes and share a color map, and the left and right eye surfaces are separate meshes and share a color map. To use with newer versions of Modeller you must follow the 'Migrating Model Sets' instructions here.

Download (19MB).

FaceGen v2

A high and medium resolution head model with separate eye models, both quite dense. A single texture map for the head (except the eyes) with inner lips and eyeliner areas mapped separately, UV layout exaggerating the face area. Hemispherical eyes (or somewhat hemispherical depending on the face shape) for easier eye motion. Includes 31 animation morphs.


Download (15MB).