FaceGen Modeller Manual

Create Tab

Create / Photo

Modify Tab

The demographics, shape and color controls are statistically derived from hundreds of high-resolution 3D scans of human faces. They are all statistically related so moving any one will affect others to some extent; there is no way to avoid this.

Model Sets Tab



To make changes to a default model set (such as 'Animate'), first make a copy. The default model sets included in the Modeller installation are located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FaceGen\Modeller Paid\data\csam\
Make a copy of the subdirectory with the name of the model set you want to edit, then paste that into your:
Documents\FaceGen\Model Sets\
('My Documents' on Windows 7). Rename the directory so you know which is the original and which is the modified. Restart Modeller and the new model set will appear as a tab.

Within each model set, parts are grouped into sub-directories. Within each sub-directory, parts are identified by a .TXT file containing the name of the part. A corresponding .BMP file represents skin color, if applicable. Coresponding files with the name FILE_COLOR represent the various color texture options, which appear as selections labelled 'COLOR' in Modeller. You can add to, remove from, or edit these files. Be aware that Modeller makes use of the alpha channel in these images for transparency.

Migrating Model Sets from v3.5 and earlier

Expression Tab

Expressions are mesh-specific, so you will see a different selection available depending on the parts you have selected within the 'Model Sets' tab.

File Tab

File / Export

For Unity, export to FBX with the 'Neutral expression and all animation targets' option. In Unity, import the FBX file as a new asset. Do the same for each related albedo image. Select the mesh asset and in the inspector, select each shader and drag the similarly named albedo image onto the 'Albedo' property box for that shader. Once you copy your asset into the scene view, expand 'Blendshapes' under the 'Skinned Mesh Renderer' property to modify the animation target values.

File / Image

Saves exactly what you see in the viewport to an image of the same pixel size. If you need a transparency map, save one version with the background white, and an identical one with the background black, then subtract. Any of the resulting color channels gives the corresponding transparency map.


There is no face in the viewport

Try each of the following:

Reset All

To reset all settings to their defaults, close Modeller then delete the directory:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\FaceGen\Modeller VERSION\
Where 'USERNAME' is your login name and 'VERSION' is either 'Demo', 'Core' or 'Pro'

If you are using customized model sets with the paid version, you can also delete or rename your custom model sets directory:
C:\Users\USERNAME\My Documents\FaceGen\Model Sets\

Program Closes

If you see the message "FaceGen ... has stopped working ... will close" click here for more details.